Forskolin Review – Miracle Diet for Weight Loss OR a Scam?

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Weight is a sensitive topic in each and every country in the world. The depiction of ladies and men on the media has given everyone an “ideal” body type, therefore leading to a rush by a lot of people to try achieving these body weights & sizes by any means possible.

Every morning, you will find streets laced with joggers, some very heavy, trying to lose a couple, or more than a couple, of pounds. The leaner joggers may be trying to keep fit, or they may just be scared to gain the extra scary weight.

Apart from jogging, gyms are filled in the mornings and evenings, aerobics classes attended and yoga videos downloaded and imitated.

Don’t forget the diets which most people adhere to.

You might be a working mum with a full-time job during the day and three kids in the evening. Or you might be a busy career man with little time to waste. Or maybe you are a student with classes during the day, a job in the evening and class notes at night.

For this reason, you might not have the time to work out or attend the aerobics classes, even though you feel that you should lose a couple of pounds.

Since we are human beings, there is always an easier way to do something, and weight loss, as sensitive as it is, is no exception.

We have extracts, health supplements and drinks that you can use to lose weight within a shorter period of time. These extracts and supplements ensure that you are able to get that tiny waist or those lean biceps by taking them as the dose requires.

Among these extracts is Forskolin, and this article is a Forskolin review that aims to answer one question, is Forskolin a miracle diet for weight loss or a scam?

What exactly is Forskolin?

extract root

Forskolin is a herbal extract that is found in the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus (Coleus forskohlii), which belongs to the mint family.

This is a plant that has been used for generations, especially by ancient doctors, to treat a number of ailments. Recently though, this plant has been used as a weight loss supplement.

However, before we get there, what exactly are the uses of Forskolin both traditionally and in modern medicine?

Uses of Forskolin?

Traditional uses for Forskolin

As mentioned above, this extract was used traditionally for medication. The traditional uses of Forskolin as a medicine included first, the treatment of digestion disorders. These digestion disorders included stomachaches, nausea and gastric spasms.

It was also used on the skin to treat burns, allergies and insect bites. Infections like ringworm and general conditions like rheumatism and neck stiffness were treated using Forskolin.

Did you know that traditionally, it was also used as an oral contraception? This is because it induced menstruation. Heart diseases were also treated using this supplement.

General uses

Studies are showing that Forskolin can be used to treat blood vessel and heart conditions among other illnesses. At the moment, Forskolin is famously known for its weight loss properties.

How can you lose body weight with Forskolin?

Forskolin and Weight Loss

At the moment, Forskolin is quite famous for its weight loss capabilities. This extract works in three ways to stimulate weight loss:

  • increasing your metabolism
  • suppressing your appetite
  • promoting better digestion

This extract stimulates the body to produce cyclic AMP which plays a major role in the regulation of metabolism in a human body.

Cyclic AMP enables both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Metabolism is the breaking down of fat and lipids in a body into energy. This is a process that is aided by oxygen and nutrients.

Cyclic AMP concentrates on the metabolism of stored lipids and fats. These fats may be stored around your stomach, chest and even arms.

Weight loss in these particular spots that have stored fats is enabled as the cyclic AMP released enables metabolism to break down these fats. This is the first way through which forskolin enables weight loss.

The second way by which forskolin enables weight loss is by suppressing your appetite. By suppressing your appetite, you are unable to eat a lot.

Most carbs in our bodies are as a result of excessive intake of calories, which is mostly by eating junk food. When you eat less of junk food, you reduce you calorie intake.

When you consume less calories, your body has a chance to lose the fat that is already stored around your belly, chest and arms.

The third way by which weight loss is enabled when you take forskolin is by promoting better digestion. The thing is, most stored fats are an excess that is the extra after digestion has taken place and the body absorbed the nutrients it requires.

These carbs that are not absorbed in the small intestine are converted to fats and lipids, then stored around the body.

This is why you may have fat around your tummy and on your arms.

Forskolin works to promote better digestion in the small intestine, thus ensuring that more nutrients are absorbed into the blood.

This prevents the creation of extra lipids and fats to be stored around your body.

By combining these three properties, forskolin is one of the few supplements that actually assure you weight loss.

The suppression of your appetite ensure you don’t take in any excess calories, the improved digestion ensures that all you take in is absorbed as nutrients and the increased metabolism aids actual weight loss, which is the goal.


Now that we have determined how forskolin works to reduce weight, the next question we should ask is, what is the dosage that actually makes this happen?

Forskolin, being a drug, has to be taken as prescribed for the most effective results with no side effects. The recommended dose is two daily dosage of 125mg of Coleus Forskohlii standardized to 20% Forksolin or two daily dosage of 250mg of Coleus Forskohlii standardized to 10% Forskolin.

After consuming forskolin, the results you expect should be mostly beneficial. Forskolin has a number of benefits, and they are discussed below:

Benefits of Forskolin

When we hear about a “miracle drug” that helps with weight loss, we are instantly skeptical. I mean, how many drugs have been introduced in the market, promising instant results, but end up having negative effects on the consumer, rather than aiding him or her to lose weight?

I was just as skeptical about this supplements as you probably are.

However, after consuming it for a while, there are a number of benefits I noticed were as a result of this drug. The following are some of the benefits observed.

1. Aids in Managing Weight

As we have seen above, forskolin aids in loss of weight in three ways: through appetite suppression, increased metabolism and better digestion.

After consuming this supplement for a while, you will realize that you are eating less and having less constipation and indigestion.

The combination of these two ensures that you don’t gain any more weight. The increased metabolism in your body ensures that the stored fats are broken down.

2. Reduces High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure by fatty foods

High blood pressure is a condition that is caused by clogging in the arteries, and it may lead to heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

This clogging is caused by excess cholesterol and fat which line the arteries from the inside or press the arteries from the outside. As a result the affected person suffers from hypertension.

Forskolin indirectly aids in the reduction of high blood pressure. This is because by aiding in weight loss and preventing weight gain, there will be less clogging in the arteries.

Less clogging leads to a steadier blood pressure, which eventually leads to reduced high blood pressure.

3. Reduces the Blood Sugar Levels

Forskolin is a supplement that is extracted naturally from the roots of Coleus Forskohlii, and it contains no sugar whatsoever.

For this reason, this extract does not aid in the addition of any sugar into the body. However, remember that this supplement suppresses the appetite, and this means that you get to take in less sugar. The intake of less sugar means that the sugar levels in your blood are reduced.

4. Helps with Asthma Attacks

Traditionally, forskolin was used on asthma patients to prevent and reduce the severity of attacks. It has been scientifically proven that by consuming forskolin, the severity of asthma attacks are reduced.

The advantage of the use of this supplement for asthma patients is that this is a natural and safe option for asthma patients.

5. Aids in the Formation of Testosterone

Among the first studies that were done to prove that forskolin aids in weight loss was a study done on men. For a period of a couple of weeks, these men were given forskolin to consume as a supplement.

At the end of 12 weeks, these men had reduced the fat content in their bodies and gained quite a good amount of muscle weight.

This muscle weight was proven to have been gained due to increased testosterone levels. So, for the men, if your aim is not only to lose weight but to gain lean muscles as well, this is a supplement that you should take.

Disadvantages of Using Forskolin

Most supplements that enable weight loss have side effects. These side effects are mostly health effects. Forskolin on the other hand has a number of side effects. The following are some of the side effects that have been observed.

  • Anyone with health conditions like high blood pressure and heart conditions are advised against taking this supplement. This is because in some people, it has been seen to cause quicker heart beats.
  • Forskolin cannot be used by younger people for weight loss. This is because it is not adapted for use by bodies that are not yet completely formed.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers and anyone who has recently undergone a surgery is advised against taking this supplement as it may have negative effects on them.
  • For asthma patients, the use of forskolin should be recommended by the doctor. Some asthma patients were seen to be allergic to the effects of forskolin.
  • This is a supplement that should be taken by people who are absolutely healthy and women who are neither pregnant nor nursing.

Final Verdict

So, the big question, to take or not to take forskolin?

Check out this Forskolin review by Dr. Oz.


Forskolin is a natural herbal extract that is gotten from the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii. This is an extract that was used in the past for the treatment of heart and skin infections, like high blood pressure, syphilis and wounds, and was sometimes used to reduce the severity of asthma attacks on asthma patients.

For these reasons, it is a trusted extract. As a weight loss supplement, it aids in weight loss by suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism and aiding in easier digestion. There are quite a number of benefits that are associated with the intake of this supplement.

It aids in management of weight, blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and might even aid in reducing the severity of asthma attacks. If you are aiming to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, forskolin is the best choice for a supplement.

However, this supplement has a number of side effects. Therefore, only healthy people are advised to take this supplement.

Now to the question of whether it should be taken to reduce weight loss. If your aim is to reduce a lot of weight within a relatively short period of time, this is probably the best supplement for you. The combination of the three weight loss methods aids in this.

To be realistic though, do not take this supplement and expect results in a week or two.

It is not a miracle, and it takes time to work.

The best way to take this supplement while enabling weight loss is by taking it while exercising, even if it is going for just a jog.

This is because the supplement aids in increasing metabolism, and by combining it with physical exercises, the effects of the exercises are felt faster than normal.