Four Easy Do-It-Yourself Steps How to Make Yacon Syrup At Home

Yacon syrup is receiving a lot of attention because of its effectiveness in weight management as well as other aspects of health. It is rivaling other well-known natural supplements such as Garcinia cambogia. The commercial versions of Yacon syrup may be expensive to purchase and maintain taking. For those who can access the raw materials and have time can make it for themselves, it is cost effective to do so.

If you are interested in making your own Yacon Syrup, there is no need to worry. It requires absolutely no prior skills to prepare. All you need are the right ingredients, readily available home equipment and the time to do it. Here is a simple do-it-yourself description on how to make Yacon syrup at home.

Step 1: Collect the Yacon roots

Dig up a patch of Yacon tubers and wash them. You can put them in an open crate and wash them with pressurized water from a hose. This will get rid of any soil residues that could have remained on the roots.

Step 2: Prepare the Yacon

Once you make sure that all the Yacon roots are spotlessly clean, use a potato peeler or any other equipment you deem appropriate, to remove the peels. Make sure you use the correct amount depending on how much Yacon syrup you want to make. Using a food processor, juice the peeled Yacon then pour the juice into a sizable pot. Put away the pulp.

Step 3: Cook the Yacon juice

Put the pot on a stove and apply moderate heat. Soon you will start seeing some scum floating on the juice. Skim the scum off the top then from the sides as well. Bring the pot to boil then let it simmer overnight.

Repeat this procedure again the next day by bringing the pot to boil and skimming once more from the sides and the top. By this time the juice should achieve darker tint and adopt delicious molasses or treacle smell.

Step 4: Finalize the process

The last step on how to make Yacon syrup is allowing the pot to cool down then filtering the juice. The resultant thin liquid is the Yacon syrup while the thicker material that remains on the sieve should be put in another container and used to cook foods that need sweetening. You can then bottle your syrup or use any clean container available then place it in the fridge.

You will not have spent any money unless you have to buy the Yacon roots but even with this, it is still very cost effective if you do it yourself. The market price of 200ml of commercial Yacon syrup is about $24 in most stores but you can make as much as 750ml with half a crate of Yacon roots. You will save quite a lot.

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