Special Report: Yacon Extract is a 100% Natural supplement, It helps you shed your weight and decrease your waist size to minimum 1.9 inches. I’m sharing my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE HERE!

yacon-bottleHello my name is Anita and this is my story with Yacon  Extract.

I have always wanted to lose weight and improve my physical appearance, but those extra pounds just did not let me do that accurately. I talked to a nutritionist who recommended me to approach a healthy lifestyle and give up my harmful habits, but even though I did exactly as instructed, my body weight was still the same and no result was showing up.

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Of course, I looked up plenty of dietary supplements online and I bought many of them, but the results were rather unsatisfactory. Prepared to give up my query, I was just about to write an e-mail to my nutritionist expressing my disappointment, but an advertisement made me click on it and discover Yacon Extract.

It was exactly what I needed and beyond, because I could lose approximately 33 pounds in two months time, which was a great achievement for me. I needed to lose about 50 pounds and I had to take Yacon Extract for about 4 months in order to obtain the expected results. However, weight loss was not the only good thing I got from this syrup. Apart from being an excellent weight loss tool, Yacon Extract increased my metabolic rate, which resulted in a higher number of calories burnt. The fat deposits were simply melting away and my energy levels were incredibly high.

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I managed to accomplish all my daily duties perfectly, keeping a good balance between my nutrition and physical effort. The best part about Yacon Extract was that I did not have to keep eating only leafy green vegetables or exercising daily, because this product was an organic sweetener that could replace the sugar ideally well.

I followed Doctor Oz’s suggestions accordingly: I took only 2 pills of Yacon Extract before each meal, without exceeding this quantity. Plus, I started to slightly reduce the calorie intake I consumed daily and walk for 45 minutes a few times per week. The results were more than stunning and I only needed four months in order to become so incredibly sexy again ;)!


Yacon Extract is the syrup extracted from the root of yacon, a tuberous root vegetable growing in Peru. This extract has a sweet taste like raisins and a texture similar to molasses. Yacon Syrup is considered the best possible weight loss tool at the present moment due to the prebiotics it contains, like insulin or fructooligosaccharides, or FOS, which have a great impact over the human organism. FOS have many potentially beneficial effects for people who want a better-functioning organism, because it can successfully help them kill those irresistible chocolate cravings.


FOS can act as a soluble fiber – when it comes in contact with the gastric fluids, it expands its size transmitting false signals to the brain, telling it that, practically, the stomach is full. When the brain receives this signal, it will automatically start modulating the leptin levels in the organism, keeping them as low as possible. Given that leptin is the primary hormone responsible for the hunger sensation and a high production might easily make you eat everything you can at the moment in question, Yacon will actually help you eliminate the “urgency” or the persistent urge to eat constantly.

However, FOS is not only a good appetite suppressant, but also a powerful metabolism booster, which will make this process work faster and burn all the calories you consume. Obviously, a slow metabolism will only promote the fat storage on your body instead of fat melting, which will automatically lead to obesity and other eventual cardiovascular diseases. In addition, a slow metabolism will automatically result in a fast release of the glucose in the bloodstream, which will predispose you to fat storage on the walls of arteries and other blood vessels, high cholesterol levels, etc. When the FOS come in contact with your organism, the release of the glucose is slowed down due to the metabolites contained by these organic compounds. Thus, it is not likely to store anymore fat on your body, but on the contrary, you will lose it.


But the benefits of taking Yacon do not stop here. Apart from helping you lose weight, increasing the metabolic rate and preventing a large number of diseases from occurring, Yacon can also boost your immune system and protect your organism from cancer, allergies or infections. If you know that your immunity is pretty weak and you enter a pathological state very often, it is the proper moment to take Yacon Extract. This is exactly what I did and guess what – it worked perfectly!

I did not experience any side effect during my so-called diet plan with this product. I did not exceed doctor Oz’ recommendation about taking only a maximum of two tablespoons of this product every day, because he informed people of the bowel movement-promoting properties of Syrup. I felt very fine and I was able to accomplish all my tasks extremely well during the day. Nothing went wrong! Even though the researchers are not completely aware of Yacon Extract other adverse reactions, it is thought that they are not very harmful for the human body, given that this product is completely organic.Get-Your-Bottle-Now

I honestly advise you to pay close attention to the Yacon Extract you purchase, because there are many retailers who will try to trick you pay huge amounts of money on nothing. It is better to go directly to a reliable store that can offer you 100 percent pure Yacon Syrup Extract Pills with no other additives or other substances. In other words, It is surely the solution you need if you want to lose all those extra pounds. You will end up paying a good price for the product and it will help you become the person you have always wanted to be. Trust me, it works and I guarantee you that you will never encounter any side effect or inconvenience during your experience, not even a slight headache!